Under Armour Sport Wireless Flex

Under Armour is known throughout the world for making the best sports clothing and accessories. For the last couple of years they have partnered with JBL to make UA branded sports headphones. Their latest model, the UA Sport Wireless Flex is the culmination of these earlier efforts into a sleek feature-rich product. Just in time to run off the holiday weight…

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JBL Bar Series Soundbars Review

Although TV manufacturers have simultaneously decided to ditch and embrace sound performance on their modern screens, at the end of the day there just is no replacement for a dedicated soundbar with or without a subwoofer.

And despite the fact that the TV manufacturers make soundbars themselves, the best ones are still made by dedicated audio companies. One such company is JBL, and they have really nailed what a soundbar should be with their new, simply monikered Bar Series.

There are 4 distinct flavors: Bar Studio, Bar 2.1, Bar 3.1, and the transforming Bar 5.1.

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Bose SoundWear Companion Vs. JBL Soundgear

There is a new type of speaker out on the market, one that fits around your neck that you wear like a collar. It’s an interesting experience and both Bose and JBL are banking on it taking off so each have introduced their iteration of one. But is one companies better than the others? The Bose SoundWear Companion Vs. JBL SoundGear Review!

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JBL Free Review: True Wireless Headphones [Updated]

Truly wireless Bluetooth headphones are a category that has recently become “a thing” since Apple came out with their $160 EarPods. The JBL Free is one of the latest to appear on the market but as is typical with JBL products, it will set the bar for the rest of the industry in performance to price ratios.

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JBL Link Series Google Voice Activated Speakers: Hands On

JBL has decided to go all-in to the voice activated speaker market with a new series of speakers appropriate titled the JBL Link series. The four versions announced (two waterproof portables and two home units) feature the Google Assistant, Chromecast with high-res audio streaming, and Bluetooth. We got to test the them all this week.

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