Harman Kardon Allure With Alexa

Alexa is great, and is the best Voice Assistant available in the market right now. It also is the most prevalent. But Alexa’s range has been limited since it’s only lived in a few tinny speakers thus far. No longer. Harman Kardon has come along and made Alexa sound awesome, with the Allure.

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JBL Bar Series Soundbars Review

Although TV manufacturers have simultaneously decided to ditch and embrace sound performance on their modern screens, at the end of the day there just is no replacement for a dedicated soundbar with or without a subwoofer.

And despite the fact that the TV manufacturers make soundbars themselves, the best ones are still made by dedicated audio companies. One such company is JBL, and they have really nailed what a soundbar should be with their new, simply monikered Bar Series.

There are 4 distinct flavors: Bar Studio, Bar 2.1, Bar 3.1, and the transforming Bar 5.1.

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Bose SoundWear Companion Vs. JBL Soundgear

There is a new type of speaker out on the market, one that fits around your neck that you wear like a collar. It’s an interesting experience and both Bose and JBL are banking on it taking off so each have introduced their iteration of one. But is one companies better than the others? The Bose SoundWear Companion Vs. JBL SoundGear Review!

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Sonos Unveils the Sonos One Voice Controlled Speakers

NEW YORK – October 4, 2017 – Sonos today unveiled Sonos One, an all-new, voice-controlled smart speaker capable of supporting multiple voice services and playing music, podcasts, audiobooks, and other sonic content from more than 80 streaming services.  With surprisingly rich sound and thoughtful design that fades into the background, Sonos One is priced at $199 USD and will be available globally on Oct. 24.

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Harman Kardon Invoke: First Impressions [Updated]

Jumping into the voice activated IOT universe, Harman Kardon is set to release a Cortana enabled stand-alone home speaker, mystically named the Harman Kardon Invoke. We got to spend some alone time with one in a quiet room to give it a full test run. Say hello to the future…

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Harman Kardon Traveler Bluetooth Speaker Review

Harman Kardon has had a couple of tries at the Bluetooth speaker market over the years but with a specific market in mind. Their take on portable speakers has, and continues to be, geared towards those who spend their time on the go. They fully owned up to it by naming their latest speaker the Harman Kardon Traveler.

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JBL Link Series Google Voice Activated Speakers: Hands On

JBL has decided to go all-in to the voice activated speaker market with a new series of speakers appropriate titled the JBL Link series. The four versions announced (two waterproof portables and two home units) feature the Google Assistant, Chromecast with high-res audio streaming, and Bluetooth. We got to test the them all this week.

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Marshall Wireless Multi-Room System is Here

The Wireless Multi-Room System

Wirelessly play different songs in each room, or bring it all together and play the same song throughout the entire home. Start with one speaker or several. Regardless of the space, there’s Marshall speaker to fill it.

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